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Introducing Fitness Protein, curated by fitness enthusiasts Aley Imran and Sajjad Haider. With a combined experience of over 24 years, they’ve united to create a comprehensive website dedicated to enlightening individuals about fitness supplements. Motivated by a shared passion for spreading awareness and knowledge, their platform serves as a guiding light for those navigating the complexities of protein intake and muscle building. Explore a wealth of insights crafted by Aley and Sajjad, designed to empower you on your journey to optimal fitness and well-being. Welcome to Fitness Protein, where expertise meets empowerment.

Our Instructors

Aley Imran

Introducing Aley Imran, a seasoned fitness trainer with 12 years of diverse experience and a Level 3 NASM certification. Holding a Master’s degree in Health and Physical Education from Karachi University, Aley is dedicated to empowering individuals on their unique paths to wellness and vitality. Passionate and compassionate, he crafts personalized fitness regimens and inspires transformative journeys towards optimal health.

Sajjad Haider

Meet Sajjad Haider, a seasoned fitness professional with 12 years of industry experience and a Level 3 certification. Known for his remarkable physique and expertise as a transformation specialist, Sajjad holds a BS in Computer Science. Passionate about health and fitness, he actively spreads awareness to inspire others on their wellness journeys.

Welcome to our fitness community! We are Aley Imran and Sajjad Haider, co-founders of this platform dedicated to spreading awareness and valuable information about health supplements. As professional certified trainers with over a decade of combined experience in the fitness industry, we are deeply passionate about guiding individuals towards healthier lifestyles. Our mission is to empower you with knowledge, backed by expertise, to make informed decisions about your fitness journey. Join us as we navigate the world of supplements together, prioritizing your well-being every step of the way.

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